Welcome to Eritrean Welfare Association

Eritrean Welfare Association is a community centre , founded by a small collective of fathers and mothers who had arrived early 2000 from Sweden. They chose to name the centre Eritrean Welfare Association as it represented the values of the association; exclusivity, support, and well-being. Providing its service across the whole of West Midlands. The Eritrean Welfare Association now acts as a bridge and a support for the whole of the community and is the heart of the community.

About Eritrean Welfare

Education is the most powerful weapon?

Eritrean Walfare’ Goals?

a) Encourage holistic Islamic environment
b) Provide a safe cultural space for Eritrean community in Birmingham.
c) Provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for Eritrean children and youths.
d) Providing balanced teaching of the Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language.
e) Provide support for new Eritrean arrivals.

Welcome to Eritrean Welfare School

If you want to learn Arabic or improve your language skills, you need truly professional and experienced instruction. Lessons are provided by a fully qualified teachers who offers high quality instruction for all age groups and abilities. Past students have ranged in age from children as young as five to teenager aged up to 20. Learn more about Arab history or improve your Maths skills with affordable, reliable and meaningful teaching..

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